Posted by: foundthetruth | October 23, 2008

The End of the World?

An interesting observation for the day.. For many of us who know we are living in the very last days, this is not unexpected, but for the rest, the billions just living as if we have a 100 years to live out, some truth out of an unexpected source..

Out of the mouth of Tito Mboweni, South African Reserve Bank Governor, and head financial guru in South Africa- Taken from here:

But he also felt that South Africans were not aware enough that they were living through a severe global crisis due to their relative protection.

“I can tell you we are living through a major crisis not seen maybe since the 1930’s,” he emphasized.

He said he had viewed the handing over by Goldman Sachs of their investment banking license as “the end of the world”.

Then I thought this thing is much more serious than we think it is,” he said.

Mboweni says his own rough calculations put the losses banks have at $1.5 trillion.

“We have not seen much of that,” he added.

He said that the nationalisation of banks had been seen as taboo before, but was now being employed by even conservative governments.

The world as we know it has changed, but it is difficult to make sense in SA,” he concluded.

It must be granted that he is looking out at things from the top of the Reserve Bank Tower, and having been in economics for 20 years, should have a better understanding of the world of money( or money of the world), but to his credit, he is actually seeing the end of the world as we used to know it, and many billions out there will never know… Till the end come, that is the biggest mayor deception known to mankind.


Mat. 24:13But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.


Who will be prepared to endure to the end?


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