Posted by: foundthetruth | November 17, 2008

Prayer for today

Found this amazing prayer at

Heavenly Father,
I have not the faith, strength, hope,
or passion to stand through the time of trial.
My state is poor when put up against what
will be necessary for that day coming.
Therefore, I lay my faith, strength, hope and
passion at your feetto receive the faith Your Son gives,
the strength that comes from Him, the hope born of
the Holy Spirit, and the passion that comes from
dwelling in your presence. Draw me. Teach me to wait
before You that I may receiveday by dayall You are
ready to impart to me.
Bring me toward that Day of Christ with confidence,
knowing that You are my strong High Tower.
In the Name of Your Son, Jesus…



  1. Amen too.

    We forget sometimes how inadequate our own strength is. And we try so hard to solve problems on our own. But we can only succeed if we lean on God for his strength and provision. He will always have victory, and we can share in it, if we just put it in His hands.


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